Read the Bible in a Year

One of the marks of the Christian life is a love for the Scriptures. Not in the same way you would love a favorite pair of jeans or a car, but because of your love for the author, God. He gives us a window into His character and His plans. He promises wisdom and brings forth fruit in our lives. He teaches and judges. We see His mercy in contrast with our sin. Jesus Christ is the center of it all.

As we progress through the year, we can offer each other encouragement in the nourishment of God's Word. This all sounds lofty and untouchable; but simply put, the Word of God is pure treasure.

There is a schedule of daily readings to help you work toward the goal of reading the Bible in a year. Don't think that you have to go all or nothing, any effort is beneficial. Those who participate can encourage one another and reflect on passages and books and the wonders of God's Word.

Be blessed, be encouraged and DIVE RIGHT IN !

Link to current month's Bible reading plan

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