Book Review
John Knox

John Knox

by Simonetta Carr

Although nobody knows for sure, 2014 is thought to be the 500th anniversary of John Knox' birth. As Knox is considered the founder of the Presbyterian Church, he should receive much attention this year. One of the easiest ways to learn about Knox is through this book.

Aren't we young, at least, at heart? Then this series, called "Christian Biographies for Young Readers" should be appropriate. I know that's probably not what the series name probably means, but these excellent books combine the attributes of being relatively short, interestingly written, nicely illustrated, well bound, and having larger than usual print.

The struggles of Knox, the benefits of which we inherit, are worth getting acquainted with. There is a more mature treatment of Knox, significantly different, in the next book to be featured in our reviews, A Scottish Christian Heritage, by Iain H. Murray.