Fall Conference 2014
The Deathbed Prophet of Israel, Studies in Hosea

9/19/2014 A Study in Unfaithfulness

9/20/2014 What a Difference

9/21/2014 Inevitable Consequences

9/21/2014 A New Beginning

9/21/2014 The Great Price

Dr Gareth Edwards Rev. Dr. Gareth Edwards' background was in academic work, having been a Research Fellow after completing his Ph.D. studies in geography. At that time he was also involved in planting a new church and from there received his calling into full-time Christian service beginning with five years with the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship, the British equivalent to IVF in the States. Since then he has been in pastoral ministry for the past 22 years in three churches. At present he is the pastor of Hill Park Baptist Church in the town of Haverfordwest in West Wales. He is committed to the Reformed faith and exercises a consecutive expository ministry. He is a member of the Management Board of the Evangelical Movement of Wales with particular responsibility for overseeing its conference program.